The Coming Storm

You’re about to see a whole bunch of my books show up at the Kindle and Nook stores all at once.  This will probably lead you to the assumption that I took a long weekend and banged out five novels in between martinis.  If only that were the case.  Actually, I wrote them over the last twelve years.  You see, unlike a lot of writers, I actually love to write — I do it every day — but I hate the process of trying to get published.

So, over the years I would basically follow the same pattern: Complete the third or fourth draft of a novel, have it professionally edited, and then begin sending out the query letters.  One of two things would then occur: I would either get an agent, I’ve had several, who would enthuse over my work but not be able to sell it to any publishing house or all of my query letters would be rejected.  Not my novels, not my actual writing, just the query letters.  Eventually, I would stop trying to publish and go back to what I like to do.

As you can imagine I have quite the story trunk on my hard drive.  Why not take these novels over which I slaved for many drafts and whose atrocious grammar and sometimes quirky sentence structure was corrected by a professional editor and send them out into the world?  If five people read them, that’s five more than would have read them sitting on my computer gathering digital dust.

And the funny thing is that these five that are coming out over the next week or so are just from the Mystery/Crime wing of my unpublished library.  For the time being, I will leave the Science Fiction wing and the Horror subbasement unplundered, but they’re there.  Waiting.


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