Action Movies are RomComs for Men

What I love about The Answer Man is that, at its heart, it’s a love a story.  Yes, it’s one long chase scene with a steadily rising body count and some truly insidious villains, but under all that it’s the story of two people reluctantly allowing themselves to fall in love.

Think about it from this perspective: What makes a good action movie?  Lots of action?  All action moves have lots of action.  That’s why, you know, they’re called action movies.  But what makes The Terminator so much better than Transformers?  The special effects in the latter are far superior to those in the former.  For that matter, there are more action scenes in Transformers.

I would argue that The Terminator is superior because it has a story, and in this case the story happens to be a love story.  “I came across time for you, Sarah” has far more impact than, “Bumblebee, message from Starfleet!”  Or whatever.  I could never make it all the way through a Transformers movie.  But my point is that while we tend to think all we want for dinner is candy, we actually yearn for some meat and potatoes, too.

And that’s what the love story at its heart does for The Answer Man.  It gives you another way to connect to the characters and to the story so that when you put it down, you feel like some of your close friends just went through a thrilling, if harrowing, experience.


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