Yeah, I know. I haven’t been around in a while

I’ve been writing.  But onto the post:

In the beginning of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the greatest movie ever made twice and an awesome read by a solid professional of the old school, Dr. Bennell has to deal with patients who keep making vague complaints that their loved ones… aren’t their loved ones.  It’s a difficult accusation to make stick.  Does he look like your uncle?  Yes.  Does he sound like your uncle?  Yes.  Does he smell like your uncle?  Yes, but he’s not my uncle.

There’s an actual psychological syndrome that describes this behavior.  I can’t remember the name or be bothered to Google it but basically people suffering from this lose their ability to distinguish their loved ones from evil invading clones.  But what makes this idea so creepy is how hard it is to describe the sensation of meeting someone who appears to be a person familiar to you but who is just slightly off kilter.

In terms of the moronic and overly long movie Face/Off, he looks like Nicholas Cage but he’s only as tall as John Travolta.

This is how I feel about the fourth season of Community.

I have loved this show unequivocally over the first three seasons.  I have watched the episodes over and over and listened to every commentary.  I have more than watched this show, I have consumed it.  So when I heard Dan Harmon was being ousted, I held little hope for the third season. When I heard the guys who do Ow My Balls! (or maybe it’s called Happy Endings, I can’t remember) were taking over, what little hope I had left drained out of me through the soles of my feet.  There’s still a stain on the carpet.

Still, I waited and waited for the series to finally come to air and when it did, I found all that lost hope still vibrantly thrumming in my chest.  But not for long.

The pacing is a little too fast.  The cuts too quick. The punch lines way too predictable.  In retrospect, I wish the show had been canceled instead of being humiliated like this.  Imagine if they had taken Firefly away from Wheadon and given it to some schlock producer from SyFy for second season.  All those brilliant, wonderful memories, tainted with the pain of early cancellation as they are, would have been wiped out and the show all but forgotten.

I think I’ll go back and watch the Dungeons & Dragons episode again.


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