Okay, so I caved.  I spent day after day walking in the greenbelt, thinking about the SciFi novel, laying out the plot, creating the characters and then one night I just pushed Pawn Takes Knight to one side and quietly started writing. 

Probably, this has to do with that lack of drama I talked about in the previous post.  Starting something new, going directly to the most pivotal scenes, beginning the character introductions, is so much more dramatic than the work of fleshing out the story. 

Technically, I am beholden to the readers out there waiting for the sequel to the Vengeance Season but I would be doing them a disservice if I were to force myself to plod along in an uninspired mood.  Besides, I’m pretty sure that this is just a minor diversion.  Once work on the SciFi novel loses its drama or I run into the intractable problems so common with a first draft, I’ll quietly slide right back to PTK and finish it.



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