The Plan Takes Shape

The question of how one comes up with a bunch of content in a short period of time has been answered.  I believe.  I wrote a novel eight years ago called Peace On Earth (a working title, I know it’s terrible) that ended up being kind of unwieldy.  Not only was it over large at 800 pages the story was evenly divided into three separate parts complete with location changes.  I put it aside to think about it and promptly switched to writing detective novels.

Later, I remembered the novel and the unique world in which it took place and wrote a companion novel, a different story and characters but in the same universe, to go with it.  I called this one MSRW, for reasons that are made clear in the book.

My original plan was to publish MSRW as the first in a series that takes place in that universe, but then I remembered that it was based on the much larger novel Peace On Earth.  I revisited POE and realized that its problem was that it was really three different books.  Essentially, I had written a trilogy stitched together into one very big book.  So what I have in hand right now, as a gift my self of eight years ago handed to me on a silver platter, is a series of four books.  One has already been written, MSRW, and the others just need to be rewritten as three individual stories.

That’s the plan: Come out with a new science fiction series of four books in six months and then add the fifth book while sales are firing up.

But is that a realistic plan?  If I were coming up with this series from scratch, I would say no, but I have a blueprint of everything that happens across the three books.  This is a page one rewrite of all of the first three novels in the series, I can’t simply rewrite the existing text and stretch it out, but it’s a second draft.  I know from the source material everything that is going to happen in all three books – all the characters, character development, challenges, plot twists.  I just have to type it out.  Still, that’s 900 pages in 180 days, an average of five pages a day.  I can do that.  I can do better than that.  I believe, if I really work at this like a job, I can put out 50 pages a week.  That puts me at the finish line in 4 ½ months.  So I’m going to set my goal to be finished with all three volumes (and come up with a name for the series) by the first week of November.

Just to clarify, this is an attempt to treat writing more like a job than a hobby not an excuse to publish unreadable crap.  If I’m not getting the quality I normally expect, I won’t hesitate to toss pages.

I’ll keep you posted.


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