The Best Laid…

Just a quick note so that I can keep track myself: I am woefully behind on the project.  I set myself a goal to put up the first three novels in November.  As of this writing, the first book is done and is out to readers.  All that remains is a polish draft (hopefully).  The second book is 1/3 done.  The third book will not be started until January most likely.  So I’m… let’s just say… behind a bit.

It turns out that I am really not given to hammering out first drafts in a hurry.  That’s mostly because I’m not completely in control of the process.  The characters have more control than I do.  The first novel went fairly quickly, though it did take twice as long as I had planned, because the characters were all really well behaved.  But the second novel is not like that.  One character in particular has done something that changes the dynamic of the story completely which means that I’m no longer simply rewriting the old version of this book, I’m putting in 50% new material.  What’s worse is that the changes in this book render the third book a complete rewrite from the idea up.  So that one’s going to take a good long while.

Hey, but at least it’s fun.


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