RIP Made Up Monster Name Vs. Made Up Monster Name

I read today that the genius behind such non-movies as Sharknado is leaving his position as Senior VP at SyFy Films.  I have to think this is a good thing.  Think about the explosion in Science Fiction and Fantasy on television that has occurred over the last ten years and then realize that the channel that started it all with Battlestar Galactica has missed out completely by putting out a string of intentional deadweights like Megashark vs Giant Octopus.  They’ve basically turned SyFy Films into the place you dump your movie when it’s not good enough for Direct To Video.

When I first heard there was going to be a SciFi channel, I thought that my time as a science fiction fan had finally come.  And then I had to wait a decade for them to do anything of note.  Since BSG, the shows have been hit or miss, but even the good ones don’t have the impact that one did.  Although, there was one show I found instantly addictive, The Lost Room, only to discover they were burning off the episodes because they hadn’t picked up the series. 

Now they have Helix coming out (no surprise that Mr. Moore is once again behind it) and it looks like this may be the show we’ve been waiting for.  Let’s hope that SyFy hasn’t missed the SF/Fantasy boat that the major networks have jumped on and that the new VP of SyFy films will take his charge more seriously.  


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