Twelve years ago I realized I needed to change my life.  Sick of my job and desperate for a change, I looked around for clues to what I should do next.  Well, I thought, I’ve always loved reading.  I always wanted to write.  I know, I’ll just sit down and become a writer!

But, as Hemingway once famously quipped, “Writing is hard and stuff.”

It’s especially hard if you don’t think about what you’re doing.  If you go into battle without a plan.  Good authors will make you believe they just sat down one afternoon and banged that story out.  Just like Ted Williams used to strut up to the plate and hit .400 as if it just came naturally to him.  People who are good at what they do make it look easy.  But it’s not easy and they’ve thought about it plenty on their way up.

So why blog about it?  You got questions and stuff, pal?  Keep it to yourself.  The rest of us are trying to sleep.

Because, for me, no thought is truly formed until it’s been written down.  This is the place where I formalize my thoughts on that journey I started in 2001.  However, remember to take what you read here with a grain of salt.  These are just the musings of someone who has only recently come to learn things the professionals have always known.

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