Girl Unseen Now Out For The Kindle

Girl Unseen Now Out For The Kindle

Lou Campanella’s favorite type of case is the missing rich woman because all he has to do is pad his expense account and wait for her to come back on her own. But that all changes when Kristi Memphis, the wife of a local prominent business man, goes missing and Lou gets thrown together with Murray, a manic, high maintenance party planner who seems to know everyone everywhere and their darkest secrets.

Everyone has a different opinion of what happened to Kristi. She either ran away, is in hiding, was murdered, or possibly even kidnapped, but they all agree on one thing: there were lots of people who had good reason to want her out of the way.

As the investigation takes them from glittering board rooms to glowering dive bars and the mounting danger eventually turns on the two of them, Murray and Campanella must find a way to work together if they’re going to survive this case.